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A bit of wisdom (and more) from Justin and/or some of the characters he's played.


"A lot of really funny people are miserable, but unfortunately that dark side doesn't exist in me. I love making a fool of myself for a laugh." - Justin


"I'm capable of feeling a lot — empathy and sympathy. I know that plays a part in acting, and I'd like to employ it more." - Justin

“He's the best. He's been like a mentor, like an older brother to me. He has a lot of fun but he knows when to be serious. He's a serious actor, even when he's doing comedy. It's not all goofing around. He understands that it's not just getting laughs. It's playing in reality, and he does that better than anyone I know.” - Justin on actor Vince Vaughn - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

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