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When the lights go down...

  1. Live Free or Die Hard (2007) (pre-production)
  2. Patriotville (2006) (pre-production) .... Chase Revere
  3. One Part Sugar (2006) (filming) .... Spoonie
  4. Strange Wilderness (2007) (post-production) .... Junior
  5. Idiocracy (2006) (completed) .... Doctor

  6. Accepted (2006) .... Bartleby Gaines
  7. Dreamland (2006/II) .... Mookie
  8. The Break-Up (2006) .... Christopher
  9. "That '70s Show"
        - Love of My Life (2006) TV Episode .... Andrew Davis
  10. "King of the Hill"
        - 24 Hour Propane People (2006) TV Episode .... Troy
  11. "Campus Ladies"
        - Fraternity Row (2006) TV Episode .... Connor
  12. The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang (2006) .... Zerk Wilder
  13. Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) .... Kevin
  14. Waiting... (2005) .... Dean
  15. Robin's Big Date (2005) .... Robin
  16. Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004) (V) .... Chris Harken
    ... aka Anchorman: Wake-Up Ron Burgundy (USA)
    ... aka Wake Up Ron Burgundy (USA: closing credits title)
  17. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) .... Justin
    ... aka Dodgeball (USA: short title)
    ... aka Voll auf die Nüsse (Germany)
  18. Hair High (2004) (voice) .... Dwayne
  19. Raising Genius (2004) .... Hal Nestor
  20. Jeepers Creepers II (2003) .... Darry Jenner
  21. "Ed" .... Warren Cheswick
        - The Decision (2003) TV Episode .... Warren Cheswick
    Human Nature (2002) TV Episode .... Warren Cheswick
    The Music Box (2001) TV Episode .... Warren Cheswick
  22. Crossroads (2002/I) .... Henry
  23. Jeepers Creepers (2001) .... Darry Jenner
    ... aka JEEpERs CrEEpers (USA: video box title)
  24. Happy Campers (2001) .... Donald

  25. Galaxy Quest (1999) .... Brandon


(2005; Rob McKittrick, director)


As new guy Mitch (the suddenly towering John Francis Daley) begins his first day on the job at fern bar Shenanigan's, he is asked a very important question: "How do you feel about male frontal nudity?" This turns out to be an equally important question for the audience, and when I found myself wondering whether Luis Guzman used a penile prosthetic, at least I had the answer to an important question that comes with every film: does this movie show me something I haven't seen before? The answer is yes, but what you see may very well be something you will wish you hadn't.

The staff at Shenanigan's is crammed with slacker stereotypes. There is a conflicted but all-around good guy. We meet his girlfriend, who is not too good but wishes that Guy would figure out what he wants in life and pay some attention to her. There's the resident smartass, who is the coolest guy at Shenanigan's, though one of the best jokes comes at his expense when he is told that such a position is "like being the smartest kid with Down's Syndrome." A collection of oafs work the grill while Chi McBride dispenses wisdom from behind the dishwashing station. To round things out we are even treated to a teenaged version of Jay and Silent Bob, though weighted more towards drug humor and less towards profundity.

A large cast is always a potential liability, but in the case of Waiting the sheer multitude of faces supports the feeling of being in a crowded restaurant. There's always something going on or someone to cut to, which keeps the film from becoming too much like a forgotten burger beneath a heat lamp. It helps that so many of these actors are gifted and that they throw themselves into the material with such exuberance, particularly when their parts call for them to behave in unpleasant ways. Alanna Ubach is a perfect example; her character Naomi vacillates from a deranged termagant to a flawless hostess between kitchen and dining room, and Ubach makes it seem natural. As in so many of these stories featuring young layabouts in search of meaning there are a number of rookies in the mix. It is no surprise, then, that more seasoned hams like Guzman steal the show.

The movie obviously has lots to say about the existential side of waiting tables, but the more interesting scenes depict the behind-the-curtain culture of restaurant life. We observe the antagonistic relationship between the grill crew and the wait staff, learn what servers really think about their customers, and in one scene guaranteed to make you rethink ever eating out again, we see the oft-imagined act of restaurant retribution – the application of bodily substances to a meal – acted out in agonizing detail. It is this portion of the film that abruptly polarizes an audience: those who have never waited tables look away in revulsion, while those who have look on in amusement or even feel moved to contribute some scattered applause.

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