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The formative years...


A Connecticut native, Justin Long initially followed his actress mother and brother into acting for reasons other than a love for the craft. "I thought, what a perfect thing -- a lot of the guys were not into the girls as much, if you know what I mean," he says with a laugh. "In the beginning I was terrible because I was there for all the wrong reasons. Now, of course, I love it."
He started out performing on stage while attending an all-boys Catholic prep school and joined the Laughingstock comedy troupe at Vassar College. He starred in a few New York theater productions before getting an agent in 1999, but one failed audition after another almost convinced him to catch the next train home. Still, he gave it one last try and read two lines for the part of awkward high schooler Warren in the NBC dramedy Ed -- and blew 'em away. "It's those moments you just don't care... I went in and said, this audition is just for me to amuse myself."

Music Codes - MySpace Layouts Interview (by Zak Santucci)

This was an interesting interview, I’m not gonna lie. It was Dane Cook the stand-up comedian, Andy Milonakis the twenty-seven year-old dude that pretends to be thirteen, and Justin Long the guy from Jeepers Creepers. They pretty much bounced off each other with the most non-serious answers to questions I’ve ever heard.

The most surprising was that Long, the non-comedian of the group was keeping up with these big guys and even surpassing them at points. And while earlier I just saw Waiting… as an extension of a joke from Super Troopers with a similar plot, now I really, really want to see it. There’s gotta be some hardcore comedy in this movie coming soon. Really, to give you an idea, here’s some things I heard released from Justin’s mouth:

“Andy mainly does erotic thrillers with Lance Henriksen.”
“I’m working on a project with Gary Busey and Jake Busey called ‘Just the Three of Us’.”
“I one time did a girl in missionary position.”
“It was hard for me to play (The Penis Game) because I don’t have male or female genitalia. I used to play The Ken Doll. I just have a flesh mound.”

Oh and also when Dane Cook mentioned he used to play a game called “Punch Each Other in the Asshole”, Long responded with a hearty, “I used to play with the Dame Judi Dench.”

So that’s, pretty interesting. Actually the craziest thing was he then said, “I’m working on a pet project with the kid from the E-Bay store from 40 Year-Old Virgin.” But I think he was serious about that one.

But more seriously, I think Justin was happy to be in a comedy like this one. Despite his obvious carefree demeanor he said outright: “This was a comedy movie, it’s not so heavy. A lot of the more serious movies are so heavy.” He said it like it was a burden lifted off his shoulders and he really liked the environment. But it’s not super crazy and as light-hearted as you think, when asked if they’d worked in a restaurant before (through the chaotic joke answers I think I interpreted…) that all the actors had. Then Long added, “If you worked in a restaurant you know it’s not actually that far off.” So it sounds like this movie is really going to find a core audience in the huge population of us that have been forced to work in retail and more specifically, food service.

But the real story is that Justin Long in his post-Jeepers Creepers career is making quite the name for himself. And despite playing the “straight man” in this wacky comedy, he has some comedic talent and according to has a lot of stuff happening with him pretty soon. And that kid from the E-Bay store was pretty funny if you saw the movie.

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At a Glance

Date of Birth: 2 June 1978
Education: Attended Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York
Family History: Mother, Wendy, is an actress. Father, R. James, is a philosophy professor. Has an older brother, Damian, and a younger one, Christian, who are both actors
Film Debut: Galaxy Quest (1999)
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Chinese Sign: Horse

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