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Justin Long in February Playboy!

Great news!
Justin is feature in the February issue of Playboy magazine.
He stars in the two-page fashion spread, “Mac Guy 2.0” where he shows off the latest designer digs and discusses past films and upcoming projects.
Find out more by clicking on the link below:

Playboy's Style page

Stephen Saito at sent this e-mail:

Hi Rosie,
I thought you might be interested in this - we love Justin Long as much as you do (or at least we'd like to think we do), so we just named him one of our 20 Hottest New Faces in Comedy here (he's on page 14 - we promise it's alphabetical):
Anyway, if you like it, feel free to link and enjoy.

Justin Long Interview, Die Hard 4

Talented young actor, Justin Long joins Bruce Willis in the hotly anticipated Die Hard 4.0. Willis is back as legendary cop, John McClane, taking on his mostly deadly enemies yet: ruthless cyber terrorists, with the power and technical expertise to cripple the United States – spreading chaos across the globe. The wisecracking cop teams up with Long, who plays brilliant computer hacker Matt Farrell. Together the duo set out to stop the ruthless villains who are attacking the nation’s infrastructure. Directed with flair and mastery by Len Wiseman, the thrilling action drama also stars Timothy Olyphant and Maggie Q. HE MAY BE OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE HI-TECH, DIGITAL WORLD, BUT JOHN MCCLANE IS STILL THE only man for the job, when it comes to tackling the world’s most vicious and dangerous terrorIsts. HE TEAMS UP WITH COMPUTER WHIZ justin long – AND TOGETHER THEY ATTEMPT TO save the united states from CATASTROPHE. Die hard.4.0: full of spectacular action and a strong storyline.

The three DIE HARD films have all been exceptional – in terms of action, character and plot. They have grossed almost three quarters of a billion dollars at the international box office, turning wise-cracking, deeply flawed New York (NYPD) detective, John McClane into an iconic action hero. Each film had a unique story and style, and each one had Bruce Willis as its star. Now Willis is back in DIE HARD 4.0 - with talented actor, Justin Long as his partner.

This time McClane is embroiled in a desperate attempt to save the US from a cyber terrorist plot. In DIE HARD 4.0 from Twentieth Century Fox, director Len Wiseman and Bruce Willis have made an innovative and contemporary action film. While it is full of amazing action with dramatic car chases, explosions and state of the art visual effects, the human drama is equally powerful. John McClane picks up Matt Farrell (Justin Long) for routine questioning. Farrell is a computer hacker who is suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. There is a shoot out and McClane saves Farrell’s life.

As it turns out, the seasoned cop discovers that the younger man is indispensable, because of his technical brilliance and computer skills and the two men team up in an attempt to save the United States from a fire sale – a systematic attack which could bring down the nation’s communication system and create utter chaos on a global level.

There is great chemistry between Willis as the legendary tough but vulnerable cop and Long, the nave ‘uncool’ but clever computer hacker. McClane knows very little about the digital world and is relying on his young partner for his expertise. Farrell on the other hand, has no idea about self defence, how to shoot a gun or win a fight. The duo face formidably terrifying adversaries in Maggie Q and Timothy Olyphant.

For Justin Long, starring in DIE HARD 4.0 was the chance of a lifetime. A huge fan of Bruce Willis and all the DIE HARD films, he was thrilled to learn he had landed the coveted role. Long, 29, was born in Connecticut. His father James Long is a philosophy professor. He inherited a love of drama from his mother, Wendy Lesniak, an actress who has worked mostly in the theater.

MoviesOnline: What kind of guy are you at the start of the film?

A: "I’m a freelance hacker and I am very amoral. I get hired out like a mercenary to do jobs and I never really ask questions. They pay me to do my work and I crack security codes. I’ve cracked one that the bad guys needed to complete their plan, I am reclusive but brilliant and I get inadvertently involved in a nefarious plot to take over world. John McClane, Bruce Willis’s character comes to my apartment to pick me up and take me for routine questioning. At the same time, the bad guys are trying to kill me to cover their tracks and they intend to assassinate all the hackers who are involved in this plot. Bruce arrives - oddly enough at the exact time that they are trying to kill me, which is fortunate for me.”

MoviesOnline: How much did you know about this technical field?

A: "I was not an expert before starting this film, but the screenwriter was in touch with an actual hacker who he would correspond with and I was always getting pointers from him about the technical details. I am terrible at math and my mind doesn’t work like that, so it was extremely difficult for me to even grasp what my lines meant. It was like a foreign language.”

MoviesOnline: What was the most difficult line?

A: "A mutating encryption algorithm. I would trip up over the very technical language a lot.”

MoviesOnline: What is your on screen relationship with Bruce Willis?

A: "We have a great dynamic. He ends up becoming my protector, but he also needs my help to unravel this terrible plot, because he knows nothing about the modern world and the internet and I know nothing about being a man and using my fists and defending myself, so we have a symbiotic relationship. He’s the old school analog and I’m the technical, savvy geek. His daughter ends up getting kidnapped and then I end up getting kidnapped with her. There is some romance, but I don’t want to give anything away.”

MoviesOnline: Is Farrell the quintessential computer geek?

A: "Well I guess he is nerdy, but more than that, he is hip and sarcastic, he gets the jokes, but he does not have experience with the ladies. He is holed up in his room the whole time in front of his computer screen and as a result he has no real life experience.”

MoviesOnline: Were you a DIE HARD fan growing up?

A: "I grew up in a Catholic, conservative family so my parents were strict about what movies we watched. I loved DIE HARD, but I did not see the uncut version of the original DIE HARD until I was older. I remember when I saw the film on TV as a kid, I never understood what McClane was saying when he said that famous line …’yippee kayee mother ……’ Because they would cut out the curse words on TV so we never heard the word ‘f…… ‘. I just didn’t get that line. It really helps a lot when you add the ‘f’ word. But I really liked all the DIE HARD films.”

MoviesOnline: Were you a big Bruce Willis fan?

A: "I was, when they called me about the film I thought they joking at first. I never even get auditions for movies like this and it was just a thrill to get to go and audition with Bruce. I honestly thought that it was just a one shot thing, that I would do the audition and that would be the end. I thought I had no chance. So I wasn’t nervous at all, I was actually quite excited to go in and meet him. My audition scene was very dynamic, my character was abrasive and there was a lot of shouting. I was so excited to be in the room with Bruce Willis and I fully expected to get the call a few days later saying: ‘they are going with …… ‘ whoever . There are so many good, young actors and I saw several guys I knew at the audition. I think I just have a very low opinion of myself. I just assumed they would hire somebody better than me.”

MoviesOnline: How did you find Bruce Willis?

A: "He has a great presence, he is quiet and very cool and I remember thinking that first time, that he looked like an eagle, bald and in great shape. He was regal and just cool, but also down to earth. He said ‘how are you doing’ and I was disarmed by him from the start.”

MoviesOnline: So when you got the job, how thrilling was it for you?

A: "It was a thrill. Bruce called me himself and I was so excited, I kept the message on the machine. He said ‘Justin Long – Bruce goddam Willis here, how the hell are you?’ he was so laid back and said he was glad we were working together, he said ‘I can’t wait’ and I shouted ‘that’s the coolest thing ever’, I couldn’t believe it and I played that message like a nerd for all my friends. I was such an idiot. At the same time I had been offered a role in a romantic comedy, playing opposite a romantic starlet, so I had two great offers. I chose DIE HARD because I never ever thought I’d get to do this kind of action movie with Bruce Willis. What a chance of a lifetime? He is so iconic.”

MoviesOnline: Can you talk about the action in the film?

A: " A lot of my involvement in the action meant guttural reactions to what was going on all around me. I didn’t do anything heroic. We will get shot at and Bruce would throw me behind something to save me. I have an arc as the film progresses, but during the journey I do become more of a man and pick up a gun. For most of the movie though, I am reacting in the way that anyone would react and I tried to put myself into Farrell’s situation. It was very difficult to relate to Farrell, because I have never been in a dangerous situation like that, I don’t know what it is like to be shot at, and I don’t know what it’s like to jump out of an exploding apartment. At the end I do get a shoot a guy, but he’s not a very important guy, he is henchman number four. But it was cool and I had been looking forward to it after months of being on the sidelines. We were doing the scene and I thought it would be funny to say ‘yabba dabba doo mother f….’ . I don’t know if they will use it though.”

MoviesOnline: Was it scary at all doing the tough action scenes?

A: "It was like doing a horror movie, there was a heightened sense of fear that I felt. You can only really conjure up those emotions by running, or somehow building up your adrenalin. A lot of it for me was very physical, I liked using anything real that I could. For example, I always wanted them to shoot the blanks and I didn’t like using earplugs because I wanted everything to be as life like as possible. So every time the gun would go off, I would get a natural jolt of adrenalin and fear. When the guns were pointed at us, there was a terror that gripped me. It was not difficult to act some of those scenes, though doing them over and over again was painstaking and quite exhausting.”

MoviesOnline: What were some of the most exciting moments?

A: "The first big scene for me is when my apartment gets ripped to shreds. It is very violent, the bad guys tear it up with machine gun fire and that is when Bruce saves me. We are constantly dodging bullets. There is also a great scene in the cop car, when they are escorting me to the FBI and the bad guys are flying a helicopter that is hovering right in front of us. And a guy is shooting at us and they really tear up the windshield. Bruce is very meticulous and conscientious about safety though, he really took care of me and looked out for me, telling me which way to turn my head or move. If you look the wrong way you get stuff in your eye, you can easily get injured.”

MoviesOnline: Did you have to train for the film?

A: "I was already in good shape because I had been working out for a film about a runner, but basically, I just had to be generally fit, because Bruce did most of the big stunts. A lot of my involvement in the big action set pieces was being the cheerleader. I was the guy on the sidelines going: ‘ look out look out! Oh my god!’ And he was doing everything. At one point, crazy things were happening with a massive explosion and I shouted: ‘Did you see that?’ I was 100 feet away and he was in the midst of it, so it was a stupid thing to say. He would probably be thinking: ‘What do you mean did I see that – it happened to me’.”

MoviesOnline: What was it like getting to know Bruce and working with him?

A: " He is the movie. No one knows the character better or the genre and Len Wiseman, the director, recognized that as well. I would go to Bruce for advice on how to play a scene and he was very forthcoming with ideas. He was very good at giving advice on technical details, everything. He is so good at acting within exciting action scenes and making it look organic. That is difficult when there is so much going on all around. He knows how everything will be cut and I learned a lot just by watching him and observing his style. He is so relaxed, the opposite of me. He would say ‘calm down’. I really liked and respected his style and I was in awe of him, he would slip in and out of character easily. Whereas I am so pretentious, I have to stay focused and concentrate on the scene. Bruce can call ‘action’ and jump right in. I am preparing for the action by running in place and doing jumping jacks. He doesn’t need to do that. ”

MoviesOnline: What was it like working with Timothy Olyphant?

A: "He was funny – very funny. He had classic bad guy lines and he would say them and sometimes it was impossible not to laugh, I couldn’t help it. He plays such a hard-core villain, you know, with lines like ‘I’ll shoot you in the face and you’ll be dead’ and I would just crack up. And Bruce would crack up too, we definitely had a lot of fun and laughs.”

MoviesOnline: Was acting a dream for you as a child?

A: "When I was kid, there were phases when I wanted to be a priest or a biologist. I had many different plans. Then I really wanted to be a professional football player. It was in high school that I realized that my dream of being a footballer was not very realistic and was not going to materialize, because you need to have some sort of athletic prowess to do that, which I did not possess. You can’t be 4 foot 9 and weigh 89 pounds and be a football star. So I started to get interested in acting and discovered that it was a great way to meet girls and in high school that is all you think about. That was all I thought about anyway. My older brother was in school plays and I would visit him back stage and see how many girls were there and that there was not a lot of competition, because there weren’t many boys. And a lot of the boys didn’t even like girls. So that got me really interested. I hate to admit that is why I began acting, but it is true. I felt better about that reason when I read an interview with Philip Seymour Hoffman and he said that was why he had started acting too.”

MoviesOnline: Did you know you had talent?

A: "I knew I could be funny and make people laugh. And at school I was always the class clown. We would often get into fake fights and I could really take a punch and I would hurl my body over chairs and desks, I could throw my body around for some reason and take a lot of pain. It is interesting - my dad, who is a philosophy professor and very academic and cerebral, actually came to visit me on the set of DIE HARD and he said with a mix of sadness and pride, ‘well those acts you used to do in high school and those fake fights – I never thought they would pay off for you or be useful. I always thought you should be doing your homework and studying Latin, who knew that the real pay off would come from being a clown?’ He told me he was very proud of me.”

MoviesOnline: And what made you pursue acting seriously when you were younger?

A: "When I got to college and was studying philosophy, I just fell in love with acting. I remember having moments when I would be on stage and I would walk off stage and people would ask how it went and I would have very little recollection of what had happened. It was great, because I would just lose myself there in the moment, when I was performing. It was the best feeling that I had ever felt and I dropped out of school because of that and said ‘this is what I want to do, I want to be an actor.’”

MoviesOnline: Your mother is an actress, was she a big influence on your choice of career?

A: "I am sure a lot of my interest came from my mom, she did a lot of theater in New York, but I never, ever thought I would get to be in a movie. My idea of acting was working in the theater. So I am very grateful for all my jobs. I know that at the moment there is a bit of a window of opportunity for me to make smart choices. I have been very lucky so far and really happy that I have had the chance to work on interesting films, but I still always feel that every job is going to be my last. I know other actors feel that too because nothing is guaranteed. But I love what I do so I hope I can continue for a long time.”

(Link to interview provided by Xioma)

Created as an alternative to Oscar lounges riddled with wasteful gift bags, the Ultimate Green Room showcased the latest in earth friendly creations. Plenty of celebs came out to learn more about green design, sip on organic and fair trade energy drinks, and checkout eco cleaning options. Ecorazzi yapped with celebrities Justin Long and Tony Shaloub about hybrids, responsible consumerism, and what celebs and the rest of us can do for the earth.

justin-longlowres.jpgWe west coast ‘razzi reporters got to participate in some of the celeb pampering ourselves - Damien test drove the three-wheeled electric ZAP car. I got a little hair treatment from the folks at PureOlogy, and an aromatherapy session with SumBody body care.

Proceeds from the Ultimate Green Room go to Extra Cans for the Needy - a dual-purpose org where Hollywood extras take cans and bottles from movie sets and donates the recyclables to homeless people to redeem for cash.

Look forward to our video reporting on the event which’ll most definitely feature our chat with Justin and his many hilarious comments about star pal Leo.

Whose playing McClane's kid in Die Hard 4?

Posted by Clint Morris on July 30, 2006

Our pals at have confirmed that rising young star Justin Long – who I actually chatted to at Comic Con, and he was quite a nice guy, not to mention the fact that he does one killer Michael J.Fox impersonation! – is in final negotiations to star in the new “Die Hard” film.

Long, best known for his role on TV’s “Ed” and the films “Jeepers Creepers” and “Accepted”, would play John McClane’s new sidekick in the film, tentatively titled “Die Hard 4.0”.

There are various versions of the script around, but one constant seems to be the character of a young computer hacker, who assists McClane in his plight against cyber terrorists. Only difference being, in one draft, the character is actually McClane’s son, John Jr. Recent rumours suggest that the character may have been tweaked though, and he’s no longer related to the singlet-wearing copper. Whatever the case, this is the character that Long would be playing.

The film, likely to lens in Vancouver, will be helmed by “Underworld” director – and the lucky SOB that gets to share a hot water bottle with Kate Beckinsale every night – Len Wiseman.

Watch this creamy white space – but don’t strain.

(from: - Info provided by Xioma)

Justin Long, Jonah Hill Hope To Be 'Accepted' Into Adam Sandler Film

'Scared Guys' could be the duo's fourth film together, and they're hoping it works out.
BEVERLY HILLS, California — Up-and-comers Justin Long and Jonah Hill have developed their comedic courage in small roles, working alongside heavy-hitters like Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell and Adam Sandler. Now, they're making plans to get "Scared" together.
The 28-year-old Long and real-life pal Hill, 22, are in talks to star in "Scared Guys," a crime comedy being assembled by Sandler and his Happy Madison production company. If the deal comes together, it would be the fourth on-camera collaboration between the two young comedians, beginning with next week's paean to partying, "Accepted."

"We have been talking about doing a lot more together," said Long, best known for scene-stealing work in "The Break-Up" and "Dodgeball," as well as an inescapable series of recent Mac commercials. "Since 'Accepted,' we've done two movies after that [the upcoming 'Strange Wilderness' and 'One Part Sugar'], and we're talking about another one with Adam Sandler."

In between dead-on imitations of the stuttering "Click" superstar, Long explained the project that would reunite him with Hill — who portrayed Sandler's overweight child in the remote-control flick.

"To get the blessing from a guy like Adam Sandler, there's no better compliment in the world," Long said.

In "Scared Guys," which focuses on a pair of agoraphobic goofballs afraid to leave their New York apartment, the pair become caught up in a potential murder. With life and death hanging in the balance, the two brothers venture into the scary world outside their doors. The project is currently searching for a director.
"I love what those [Happy Madison] guys do," Long added, referring to such off-kilter flicks as "The Benchwarmers" and "Deuce Bigalow." "I grew up watching Adam, and he's one of those guys who inspired me. I've been watching him since I was developing my sense of humor. Just to hear him say, 'Oh, you're really funny; I saw that "Accepted." ' Just to hear the words come out of his mouth means so much for both Jonah and myself. He wants us to do something, and if it's not 'Scared Guys,' hopefully it will be something else."

In addition to the projects alongside Hill, Justin Long plays a dimwitted doctor in September's "Idiocracy," writer/director Mike Judge's follow-up to "Office Space."

The recently slimmed-down Hill, meanwhile, will star as Carell's assistant in next year's "Evan Almighty" and will also be seen in the Seth Rogen comedy "Knocked Up" and the Morgan Freeman drama "10 Items or Less."

Check out everything we've got on "Accepted."

Visit Movies on for more from Hollywood, including news, reviews, interviews and more.

Want trailers? Visit Movies on MTV Overdrive for the newest, scariest and funniest coming attractions anywhere.

Justin at "The Break-Up" Premiere

The Interview

Justin in the New Mac ads!

Our Justin appears in the New Mac ads, looking absolutely adorable!
Make sure you'll catch him in all his splendor, so... here's the link for you!

New Mac ad with Justin

DeVito, Walsh and Long Crave Sugar

Danny DeVito, Dylan Walsh and Justin Long are starring in writer-director Hart Bochner's comedy One Part Sugar, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Walsh (Nip/Tuck) will play Ray Tuckby, a man who clings to hopes of reuniting with an unrequited love from his childhood by staying in his rundown hometown.

Long will play the small city's young drug lord and real estate mogul. When a stranger (DeVito) arrives with hopes of revitalizing the town, Tuckby and others team up to fight the local hooligans and help him in his mission.

The film is being produced by Robin Bissell and Clifford Werber, with Bochner, Richard Klubeck, Jeffrey D. Erb, Jonathan Sachar, Joe Nicolo and Joe Amodei on board as executive producers.

Kindred Media Group has teamed with Hart Sharp Video to finance the project, with both companies retaining a right of first negotiation for its domestic distribution.
(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)
Info provided by our site collaborator Xioma.

About Life at These Speeds...

Justin's next project, "Life at These Speeds," is based on a novel by Jeremy Jackson.
Read the article sent to us by Angel2Rowdy.

Awesome! Moving! Breathtaking! Each word describes Jeremy Jackson’s must-read first book, Life at These Speeds.

The touching story begins in a small town after a high school track meet. Fourteen members of the team die in a horrific van accident, and in an instant, Kevin Schuler, a mile runner, loses his friends, girlfriend and coach. Devastated, all Kevin can do is run and sleep.

Running is Kevin’s way of healing. He runs at least five miles every day, rain or shine, and beating the four-minute mile becomes his obsession. Kevin uses running to push past his loss, and he wins every race he enters.

Because there are only three people left in his class, the school advises Kevin to transfer to Bend City High School, which is in another district. For a while, Kevin’s life seems to return to normal: He excels in all his classes and makes new friends, including Andanda Dane, the editor of the school newspaper, and Jol Brule, a talented running back. But he never really gets over his grief from the accident. He is tormented by memories, especially at night.

Just when Kevin starts to feel like himself again, he is consumed by another tragedy: Jol is killed in a car accident. This misfortune spurs Kevin to run even faster.

When news of Kevin’s amazing talent spreads to the local university, Dr. E, a sports doctor, wants to analyze Kevin’s athletic ability. Kevin becomes skeptical of the tests, which involve some bizarre requirements, such as running after eating only Twinkies. One day, while examining a stain on the track, Kevin shares his suspicions with Andanda:

“What is this?” I asked, tapping the stain.

“You don’t remember?

“No, I don’t remember or I wouldn’t be asking,” I said.

“They are your stains.”

“What do you mean, my stains? I own them?”

“You made them your freshman year, State 800. You had been badly spiked. .... You were spiked, fell, then got up and won the race anyway. But then you ran through the finish line and didn’t stop for about thirty meters. You bled and made these stains.”

When Kevin begins to ask more questions about the stains and the university’s studies, he uncovers a scam and foul play that lead him to initiate a courageous confrontation.

Life at These Speeds is an awesome, true-to-life book. Jackson creates a realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of running. He convincingly writes about the rush you feel when you win a race and the pressure you feel when a coach expects you to perform.

Some people have said that the events in this book are hard to believe because so many tragic things happen within a short time, but I don’t agree. Even though the characters deal with complicated issues, they confront them in ways that are easy to understand. For example, Kevin continues to dedicate his wins to Ellie - his former girlfriend - even though he has changed schools and made new friends.

I wouldn’t change a thing about this book. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I would rate this book a 10: I could not put it down!

I would recommend Life at These Speeds to all high school-aged teens who like a good adventure or dramatic story. Because the subject matter deals with death, and because the characters sometimes use foul language, I do not think that children younger than 13 should read this book.

By Katie Ciresi, 13, Y-PRESS

New Project!!

According to, Justin has signed in to star in a new film, entitled "Life at These Speeds." (Info provided by Xioma)
Find out more!

Life at These Speeds

Justin Long is Accepted


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Long is starring in Accepted, a comedy Steve Pink is directing for Universal Pictures.

Tom Shadyac and Michael Bostick are producing via their Universal-based Shady Acres Entertainment banner.

The story centers on a high school senior who finds a unique way to avoid the pressure to attend college. Universal bought the spec by Mark Perez in a high-priced bidding war. Adam Cooper and Bill Collage have done a rewrite.
Accepted hits theaters on April 21st, 2006.
Stay tuned for more news, multimedia, trailers, DVD announcements, and more...

The Break Up (2006)
Posted 10/19/2005

February 17th, 2006
Peyton Reed
Jay Lavender, Jeremy Garelick
Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Justin Long, Vincent D'Onofrio, Cole Hauser, John Michael Higgins
Universal Pictures
Comedy, Romance
Not Available


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